atelier toiro

atelier toiro

女性二人が始めるヘアサロン。彼女達はここをatelier toiroと名付けました。toiro とは十色。そして+色。様々な個性や経験を持った人がこの場所で才能を開花させる事ができる場所をイメージしているとお聞きしました。ヘアデザインは表層のデザインかと思いきや実はその下地をいかに美しく整え、そして持続させ美しく表面化させるかが重要だと知って大いに感銘を受けました。そしてそれはtoiro(才能の下地を作る)の精神そのものだと受け止めました。そこで私達はこのインテリアを、「内面を整えそれ自体が美しく個性を放つ空間」としてデザインしました。整然と並んだLGS、コンクリート、ALC、断熱材、フレキシブルボード、鉱物を練り込んだテラゾー、ラーチ合板は全て素地のままの仕上前の状態を封印しています。またファサード面を約2Mセットバックさせ、既存のビルファサードのデザインコードとは縁を切りました。そうする事でビルの二つの開口部の向こうにヘアサロン独自の連想するファサードが獲得され、生まれた軒下空間が街に開かれ周辺に馴染むようになると考えたからです。



設計 監理:ひとともり   長坂純明 田所千絵
施工:Atelier loowe   丹治徹也 中将希
軽鉄工事 : 友晟 紙屋隆年
ライティング: 大光電機 村西貴洋
ペンダントライト:NEW LIGHT POTTERY  永冨裕幸
ソファー: Revery Chair   新子真希
ファブリック:fabricscape   山本紀代彦


翻訳:K&M Translation



atelier toiro

This is a hair salon started by two women who named the salon ‘atelier toiro’. ‘Toiro’ literally means 10 colors, but it is symbolic of variety and diversity.  It is also a type of word play which represents ‘+ color’. The salon owners explained to us that they imagined a space which would allow people with various personalities and experiences to all have their talents flourish.In truth, I had thought that hair design was focused on the surface appearance of the hair. I was deeply impressed to learn that it is only through the careful treatment and care of the scalp, roots, and underlying hair—the underlying base— which allows for a hairstyle to maintain the beauty which is visible to us.We took this idea of the importance of creating an underlying base in order to allow talents to truly flourish as the essential spirit of toiro. With this idea in mind, we kept the precisely aligned LGS, concrete, ALC, insulation materials,reinforcing panels, terrazzo, and larch pine boards and left them exposed as an essential component of the interior design in order to create a space which, ‘internally aligned, beautifully expresses its true personality.’ In addition, we recessed two openings approximately two meters from the building facade to create the impression of the hair salon being independent from the building. Setting back the salon’s entry also opened up the space underneath the shop’s eaves to the city and allowed it to blend with the surrounding neighborhood. 

While this type of interior is not well known, the salon owners acceptance of the beauty of the  building’s substrate—commonly acknowledged by architects—has resulted in a salon in which each of the many customers’ originality and individuality can be brought to the surface and sent out into the world.



Constructor: Atelier loowe
Lightweight steel frame constructor:Yusei
Lighting plan: Daiko Denki
Pendant Lighting : NEW LIGHT POTTERY
Sofa making: Revery Chair
Fabric: fabricscape

Photograph:Hiroki Kawata

Translation:K&M Translation