“Merry Logistics real store” in kumagusuku Kyoto

“Merry Logistics real store” in kumagusuku Kyoto

“文化” を物流へ届けること。 もっとかっこいい、ゆたかな物流をかたちにできると信じて始まったプロジェクト。 物流領域を豊かにアップデートする為に様々なアーチストやクリエイターを迎え、オリジナルの梱包サービス、ワークショップ、グッズの販売を行う実店舗の空間をデザインしました。 アートホステルとしての役目を終え12店舗が入居する小規模アート複合施設として生まれ変わったkumagusuku。 ホステルの元風呂•脱衣室のスペースがMerry logistics real storeのスペースとして与えられました。 効率を追求し巨大化しながらロボット化する物流業界。もちろん効率性や経済性は大切な事ですが、本来モノを届けるという事は人の愛や想いを当人に代わり届けるとても尊い事。私達はそういった物流の根本を大切にするこのプロジェクトに相応しい空間を表現したいと考えました。 そこでこの小さなスペース(1.1m×3.2m程)の中に床、壁、天井が自立した木箱を置き、その壁と天井に無数の穴を開けました。角が45度にカットされた無数の穴はいわば壁や天井にかけられた無数の額縁です。額縁の中にここで使用されるラッピングの商材が額装されることで単なる商材ではなく想いを届ける大切なアイテムとして昇華させる事が出来ると考えました。木箱は自立しているので既存の壁や天井に配置した照明の光が穴全体を照らしています。木箱には包装紙をカットしたり梱包材を組み立てるスペースや紙のストック機能も備えています。 クライアントが物流業界に効率性と愛情の両極を求めている考えと同じく、私達も効率性と愛情の極を追う作り方に取り組みました。効率性を高める為CNC加工(設計図データをマシンへ直接入稿しベニヤ板をカット)の技術を採用しました。データ入稿から一週間で現場へ納入、現場組み立ては約2日で完成しました。効率性だけでなく私達も自ら柿渋を塗布したりクライアントには額装をカスタマイズしてもらい愛情を注いでもらう。正にMerry logistics の目指す意味を建築にて表現したこの空間は、私達からクライアントへのギフトボックスです。

設計:ひとともり(長坂純明 田所千絵 長坂萌加)
施工: Atelier Loöwe(丹治徹也)

翻訳:K&M Translation

Merry logistics 公式サイト

“Merry Logistics real store “in kumagusuku Kyoto
Infusing logistics with culture. This project started with the belief that it is possible to create a more stylish and flourishing idea of logistics. In order to enrich the logistics field through this updated concept, we designed a shop space welcoming to various artists and creators, and where original wrapping services, workshop, and goods would all be on offer. After its role as an art hostel ended, Kumagusuku was reborn as a small art complex with 12 stores. The space that formerly held the hostel’s bath and changing rooms was repurposed for the Merry logistics real store. In its pursuit of efficiency, The logistics industry is becoming increasingly large and robotic. While efficiency and economy are important, delivering goods can also be seen as, essentially, a precious act that involves not only shipping goods, but also sending the affection and thoughts of the sender on their behalf. We wanted to create a space for this project that fostered these sometimes forgotten fundamentals of logistics. In the small space allotted for the store (about 1.1m x 3.2m), we placed a freestanding wooden box composed of floor, walls, and ceiling, and cut out a large number of holes in the walls and ceiling. The holes, with their 45-degree corners, are like countless picture frames hung on the walls and ceiling. Framing the wrapping products used by the store inside the frames helps them to transcend their role as mere commercial products, and fully embody the true spirit of their importance as items that also deliver thoughts and feelings. Because the wooden box is freestanding, the illumination from the lighting already placed on the existing walls and ceiling suffuses all of the holes. The wooden box also has a space to cut wrapping paper, assemble packing materials, and store paper stock. Just as the client wants the logistics industry to be both efficient and loving, for this project we adopted a working style that married efficiency and love. To increase efficiency, we adopted CNC processing technology (design data was submitted directly to the machine to may the plywood cuts). The components for the box were delivered to the site within a week after the data was submitted, and the on-site assembly was completed in about two days. But making the space was not only about efficiency; for example, we applied the persimmon tannins to the wood ourselves, and the clients, through customizing the frames to their tastes and needs, filled the frames with affection. This space is a gift box from us to the client, expressing the true meaning of Merry logistics’s ideals through architecture.

Architects: Hitotomori (Yoshiaki Nagasaka, Chie Tadokoro, Moeka Nagasaka)
NC Processing: WoodTop (Youji Tauchi )
Construction: Atelier Loöwe (Tetsuya Tanji)

Photograph:Hiroki Kawata
Transration:K&M Translation